Sattva is a Sanskrit word referring to:

  • Vital breath,
  • True or spiritual essence,
  • Consciousness, and
  • Energy.

Sattva is also the neutral energy principle in polarity therapy.


As a result of taking the courses at Colorado School of Healing Arts and listening to readings by Abraham, the following awareness inspires each session:

  • The body's ability to restore its state of well-being.
  • Massage therapy, bodywork, reflexology, and laser therapy as a means to support the body's innate capacity for self-correction and restoration of homeostasis.
  • The therapist as a channel of support for the well-being of the client and the client's body.

As part of each session,  I encourage my clients to breathe more deeply and more slowly in order to bring the body into a relaxed state (in a parasympathetic mode), and thereby experience the energized state which that breathing and relaxation engender.

Each session is tailored to address the client's concerns and to support the client's well-being.


Sattva is the neutral energy principle in polarity therapy.

  • Susan


    Harry does a great job. He is both competent and very intuitive. I was amazed at the relief that reflexology provided. I highly recommend his services.
    Customer since May 2009
  • Joan Kushner

    Reflexology rocks!!!!!

    After an extraordinary session with harry i awoke the next day feeling as though my entire body had been given a thorough workout + massage! he addressed long-time issues i've had with my body using his expertise and wisdom.
    Joan Kushner
    Customer since May 2009
  • Ann Glossa

    Relief from Hammer Toe

    Harry has been able to soften & stretch tendons to relieve severe pain from a hammer toe. I will be much better prepared for my surgery in July. Thanks Harry!
    Ann Glossa
    Customer since May 2009
  • Jessica Cucchi


    Harry was amazing. My son had never had a massage before and I do believe he is now hooked. Harry was very aware, asked a lot of questions to see where to put more energy and got it completely right. My son walked out of there fully relaxed and with no pain. The stretches Harry showed him will help also. Thank you!
    Jessica Cucchi
    Customer since April 2009
  • Samantha

    Happy feet

    Health care is a profession that can really stress the feet and legs. When the end of the week rolls around, I get to Sattva Massage and have those nasty little kinks in my toes "go bye-bye". My husband suprised me this Valentine's Day with a gift card from Sattva Massage. Wow! happy feet happy feet!
    Customer since March 2009
  • Georgene

    Plantar fascitis 90-95% gone!

    I have had plantar fascitis with associated pain and inability to walk for months. After the first session, the pain decreased by about 80%, and after four sessions I now have only occassional (5-10% of time) pain, depending on my activity level. I tried physical therapy first, but Sattva MAssage has produced longer-lasting results. Would I recommend Sattva MAssage - definately, the results speak for themselves!
    Customer since February 2009
  • anonymous

    Great Massage!

    This was the second time I have used Sattva Massage. The first was a walk-in at the Vitamin Cottage and this was a home visit. Both have been fantastic.
    Customer since December 2008
  • Inking about doing one once a month...I felt awesome afterwards, and woke up today not stiff and moved about much easier...
  • I had recently moved. Lifted and shifted my belongings until they were where I wanted them in my apartment. My body needed some special care. Harry gave a very relaxing, releasing and peaceful massage. It was wonderful and just what I needed.
  • Harry was kind enough to make a house call since I was crutching around with an injury to my leg. I had also strained my lower back and so Harry gave me a very good massage to help loosen up my lower back. He was punctual and very pleasant. He helped me a lot.
  • I have been seeing Harry for several years to treat my bilateral PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Without Harry's reflexology, I was in pain walking, wore shoe inserts and was facing surgery to correct the pain. I am now free of pain and inserts. Thank you Harry.